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Examples of laser engraving

laser engraving ideas

By knowing some few laser engraving ideas, you can be inspired to start your own laser engraving business and come up with even more creative ideas on items creation and decoration. 

We have highlighted some laser engraving examples that were implemented for product packaging or product line of a company. Others were implemented for the relevant products of the company.

You can apply these products to your next project if you like. You can also find it constructive for brainstorming conferences for laser engraving ideas by your design team or project development team. 


  • Nokia’s digital poster


Nokia, which is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world, contracted Hyper – a marketing bureau – which in turn contracted Signal | Noise to make a great digital poster that used laser engraved acrylic material in creating the digital poster.

The digital poster also displayed graphics that were projected on it in the form of rich floating data. The data showcased was from the corporation of Burt’s Snowboards and Nokia Company and showed real-time information on altitude, speed, heart rate, the orientation of snowboarders, and galvanic skin response of snowboarders. 


  • Deerrunner’s beautiful wooden handlebars


In case you don’t know, Deerrunner is a reputable company that deals in high-end items designed for single speed riders. The handcrafted wooden oak handlebar is one of the most outstanding items. To place a qualitative logo effectively on the handcrafted wood oak handlebar, and still display how exclusive the product is, they placed a logo measuring 1 millimeter deep with laser making.

The laser engraving minimized the general engraving depth to a mere 1mm. Only a high precision laser can achieve this kind of extremely high precision engraving. 


  • Barnbrook trophies


It is a common practice for the Arsenal Award show to give awards to the most exceptional contemporary artists every year. Barnbrook Studio created the 2012 trophies. They created a wonderful contemporary art design that was later laser engraved on the cube-shaped items created from Corian material.

The Corian material consisted of alumina trihydrate and acrylic polymer. Barnbrook’s laser engraved the cubes from each axis. 

The above-named companies can inspire you to come up with your own laser engraving ideas. They can also inspire your design team to realize its own laser engraving ideas.

For you to be successful in making money with your laser engraver, you need to find the best way of applying laser engraving to your company’s project. 

Ideas on how people can make money by diversifying into the laser cutting technology

make money by diversifying into the laser cutting technology

If you are a business person, then laser cutter technology should be the best thing that ever happens to your life. More and more business people are taking advantage of this technology. As a business person, you can also diversify your business into laser cutting technology and grow your business.

There are many ways to do just that. We have provided you with some most useful tips on how you can make real money with just a laser cutter. Actually, laser cuter has made it simpler and more profitable to do business these days. Let’s check out some of the best tips.


  • Start by doing practice

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It is very important to always keep in mind that clients are always looking for the best quality custom products. With this in mind, you should focus on producing the best quality products that clients will find irresistible. As a business person, you know how important it is to attract clients and maintain them. Actually, once you have clients, you will start making real money and your business will grow bigger and faster.

For you to be able to deliver quality custom products to your clients, you should at least develop a skill that will enable you to do that. How then do you develop and improve a skill? You can learn a skill by starting off with some small DIY projects. Practice with those DIY projects and focus on improving your skills constantly. 

There are several custom products you can make. For instance, you can make decorations as gifts to friends or at home. You can also make phone casings and labels. With time, and as you continue making your products, you will learn and perfect the art. When you have developed advanced skills, you can then start to create intricate designs in order to sharpen your skills and become better at what you do.


  • Don’t start with less than 50 Watts


If you are thinking of making money by diversifying into laser technology, then you should start with a minimum of 50 watts. You should not start the business with anything less than 50 watts.

You need a power level that can give you more control over whatever you are going to create, and anything lower than 50 watts will definitely not give you the control you require over the things you will be creating. Convenience is very important when you start creating custom products.

laser cutter 50 Watts

  • Start with things that measure at least 20” x 28”


As mentioned above, convenience is extremely important. If you are starting with a machine, you should go for things that are at least 20” x 28”. This will help a lot for your convenience. 


  • Begin offering services


As a business person, you can get creative and find the best way to start offering services to your clients. There are so many ways in which you can start to provide your services.

When you are ready to start providing laser cutting as well as customization services, you can advertise the services on the internet. You can also advertise your services on niche forums and social media. You can ask your social media friends to share your posts so that you can reach a bigger population. You will soon get customer orders which you can start working on straight away. 

On the other hand, you can simply get matter boards and then begin customizing them. After customizing matter boards, you can start selling them to your clients as finished products. Make sure you do a good job if you want to benefit hugely for return clients. You can also start making pieces of phone casings, pieces of jewelry and decorations. Focus on providing value to your clients. You can achieve this by coming up with creative ideas. 


  • Improve your product line

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Enhancing a product line entails adding new impressive features to all your products. This is done to increase the general value of those products and to entice customers. When you add new features to your products, you can be able to increase their prices and sell to your clients at higher prices.

The laser cutter industry allows you to grow your business by adding new features and sell them more expensively. In the industry of laser cutter, you can improve a variety of your products and earn more money.

For example, you can modify existing phone casing by adding new great features. Besides adding a name on it, you can also add a design to it. For the toys, you can add new characters or even the child’s name on it. This will make them more valuable and pricy, which makes your business more profitable.


  • Create an invaluable concept


Your offerings should have a priceless concept if you have to make them irresistible to your clients and if you intend to sell them at high prices in order to make more money. You can create an invaluable concept to your products by adding great effect to them.

The experience should be so nice and unique that your clients would believe in you first whenever they want to buy similar products. That way, they will come to you first before they think of finding such products elsewhere. To be able to add a precious conception to your products and services, you need to be creative and innovative.

You need to enhance your creativity by expanding your innovation and imagination. You can focus on creating abstract designs. You can also incorporate flowers, nature and anything great to your designs provided it is something that moves you into the designs. 

The things business people can make successfully with a laser cutter

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For you to be able to start your own business and make your own money with your laser engraver cutter, you need to be creative and look for laser cutting ideas and find out what you can actually be able to make with a laser engraver. There are several products you can create with your laser cutter. 

For you to make real money with your laser cutter, you should create at least more than a few products. Like many other entrepreneurs out there, you definitely know that you should be creating several products in order to make real money with your laser cutter, but you probably don’t know what products you can make. Well, if that is the case, then read on and learn more.

We have highlighted some laser engraving ideas that can help you get started. Without much ado, let us take a look at some of the products you can start making with a laser engraver. 


  • Plastic signs


There are so many businesses that use plenty of plastic signage. Some of the plastic signage that most businesses use includes safety, door, wall and informational labels and signs on a range of pieces of equipment. The goodness with these jobs is that they have a very low cost of the material. Besides, they also have less work but with very high margins. 

There is no denying that laser cutting business is a lucrative one. All you need to do is to provide quality products and get creative. Actually, everyone can make money with a laser engraver. You also need to abide by the standard business ethics if you want to make money and prosper in business with a laser cutter. 


  • Multiple language products


Gone are the days when a company could only operate within a country or continent. Today, there are so many companies that now operate globally. Any company that has gone global serves various countries that speak various different languages.

This, therefore, means that these companies need products in several languages. So, you can tap into this opportunity and make money by simply creating engraved products in different languages to cater to those workers or teams that use different languages. For instance, you can create worker awards in several languages. You can also create stationery in various languages. 

To be able to create products in several languages, you only need the wording and the formatting information. This can be sent to you by the company that you are making products for.

It doesn’t matter whether you don’t understand or can’t read the language. You can be able to create a very wonderful design in different languages even if you don’t understand or can’t read the language. 


  • Barcode labels


Barcode labels are other products you can make with your laser cutter. These can make you a lot of money as there is a growing trend to use chemicals to mark various tools with Barcode labels. Cermak is one of the most chemicals used to put a mark on tools with Barcodes.

Each time a worker is given a tool, both the tool’s barcode and worker’s barcode are scanned to make it simpler for the company to know the person who has what tool. This helps reduce paperwork a great deal and promotes the ease of keeping and distributing tools. 


  • Acrylic awards and mementos


These are other great products you can make using your laser engraver and make a lot of money by selling them to clients who value elegance. No one can deny that acrylic is elegant. Actually, it is just as elegant as silk. Despite being elegant, it is not expensive.

With engraved logos on acrylic, it looks wonderful, to say the least. Besides being inexpensive, putting engravings on acrylic is a very simple task that doesn’t take much time. Creating acrylic is among the most lucrative projects that can make you real money with your laser cutter.

Using a laser cutter is preferred because when a rotary machine is used to create designs on acrylic, it will not actually look as good as when the designs are done exclusively with a laser cutter. That said, it is therefore obvious that customers who are looking for these products are most likely to go for engravings from a laser engraving machine business. With more customers drawn your way, you will be making real money.