Making Money With Your Laser Engraver – Cutter

Buying your very first laser cutter

Buying your very first laser cutter

The laser cutter is a very important tool. It is a high-precision machine that can produce beautiful items that are also functional. The versatility of these machines allows any individual with access to them to go straight into production with their unique designs. 

Laser-cut jewelry can be found in any local indie craft fair. Craft stores are usually filled with laser-cut scrapbooking items. Besides, the awesomeness of the laser-cut items is also found in big-box stores. Go to any big-box store and you will find plenty of laser-cut items, such as laser-cut window curtains, fixtures, holiday ornaments, and more. 

The laser cutter can cut through a wide variety of materials with accuracy and high precision. This is actually where the power of a laser cutter mainly comes from. Unlike drag-knife cutters such us those on vinyl cutters and craft cutters that cannot penetrate thick and hard materials, a laser cutter slice through all these materials with ease.

The beam of a laser is very narrow and can guarantee a very precision detail. 

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A laser cutter is a great tool that can tremendously widen your boundaries because it has multiple possibilities. You can use it to make functional and beautiful items in bulk and sell them to your customers.

This machine is the real money maker. If you are an entrepreneur, then you can use a laser cutter to make a lot of money. You can do so by starting a laser cutting business. With just a few lasers cutting ideas, you will be able to start a laser cutting business. 

If you have never bought a laser cutter before, then the process of purchasing can turn out to be a very difficult task, especially if you are a budget-minded individual. We have presented you with an overview of 3 different types of guide that can guide you through. 

Of course, great power comes with a great expense. That goes without saying. Fortunately, we have highlighted for you three entry-level options, which can have you glowing. Check them out!


  • Epilog laser cutter


In case you want to buy a high-quality laser cutter that is user-friendly, then you should consider epilog as it is the gold standard. Epilog has two main advantages.

First, it has a print driver that will make the entire process of sending all your designs to the laser cutter machine fast and painless.

Secondly, epilog has a special air-cooled laser tube that is meant to not only reduce hassles but also to prevent potential hazards. This makes epilogs better than liquid-cooled machines. As expected, the convenience comes with a great expense. Their most affordable line – the Zing – starts at about 8,000 UD dollars for a 16″×12″ 30-wat machine. These machines are however worth the high cost.


  • Full Spectrum laser cutter


Initially, Full Spectrum used to import Chinese lasers, which they could then turn up and rebrand for American sales. As time went by, Full Spectrum wanted to increase ease of use and reliability.

This inspiration made them begin making their own laser cutter systems. Their first laser cutter systems were released in the H-Series. All the Laser cutter machines in this series do not have any adjustable bed. This was done to reduce the overall cost.

Instead of an adjustable bed, you can make an adjustment to the laser focus by simply moving or adjusting the final lens assembly. The H-Series are improved versions of the previously imported machines and they start from 3,499 US dollars. These machines offer great value and are great for starting a laser cutter business. 


  • Chinese Imports


Other popular laser cutters are imported lasers. These machines are actually a brand on their own. They are among the most affordable laser cutter machines in the market. In case you are a budget-minded person or you are just in budget and you would want to save money on your purchase, then imported laser cutters are your best bet.

You can find laser cutter machines that start from as low as 400 US dollars. You can find these items in several online retail shops. However, if you want a decent cutter, go for one that costs at least $1,000. The cost mostly depends on the software and mods upgrade that you will need to make. 


We do hope that this information helps you start your own laser engraving and cutting business and become a successful business owner. You can do more research to find out more laser cutting ideas that can help you become more creative and unique in the industry.

Besides, laser engraving ideas in this post will also help you a great deal with your own laser engraving business if you get real inspiration from them. If you are stuck somewhere, you can contact a consultant to help you out.